Innovation, Passion and Excellence

Proin team members consistently demonstrate an incredible physical and moral energy that contributes to company’s continuous growth.

We commit to providing high quality service to our clients, sharing risks and rewards

We work to insure the privacy and security of client’s project information, making us a dependable partner for a solid and long lasting relationship, established on mutual trust.

We invest in training, research and development to achieve continuous growth, upgraded knowledge, competitiveness and sustainablity.

La riservatezza con cui lavoriamo e l’indipendenza della nostra società, fanno di noi un partner affidabile con cui stabilire rapporti di fiducia, saldi e duraturi. Investiamo in formazione e in ricerca per continuare a crescere insieme, aggiornati, competitivi nel rispetto della Sostenibilità.

Ethical Code

In the conduct of the project and in all our daily activities, we promote the highest ethical and social commitment through the adoption of clear values and principles of conduct.

The values and principles are respected and implemented by each component of the organization, employees, consultants, collaborators, agents and all those working within Proin in various functions.

Any behaviour within the organization is marked by transparency, loyalty, fairness, integrity and respect for the laws and regulations.